How does the Richter Healthcare Consultants team differ from other consultants?

While many healthcare consulting firms can offer financial expertise, few have the industry-specific insight offered by Richter Healthcare Consultants. Team members bring healthcare operations, consulting, training, accounting, financial, and revenue cycle management experience gained from working in the senior living and LTPAC industry. It’s this unique perspective that enables our team to ensure you see positive, results-oriented outcomes.

Jennifer Richter

Jennifer Richter, President/CEO

Jennifer Richter, is the founder and president of Richter Healthcare Consultants. After a career that spanned both acute and continuing care, Ms. Richter launched her own accounting and consulting firm to provide financial and consulting services to healthcare clients. She has served as Controller/CFO for numerous clients and authored the Richter product, Business Office Complete (BOC), offering clients the option to outsource functions of the long-term care business office.  BOC has evolved to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to offer enhanced solutions to all long term post-acute care (LTPAC)providers.  Jennifer is a frequent top rated speaker and presenter at conventions, webinars, and professional educational events nationwide.

Maureen Hedrick

Maureen Hedrick, Director of Consulting Services

Maureen Hedrick is the Director of Consulting Services. She was the very first employee of the firm nearly twenty years ago.  Ms. Hedrick has a long tenure in healthcare, with over 25 years of experience in revenue cycle management in the healthcare environment with a specialty expertise in long term post-acute care (LTPAC) and hospital reimbursement.

Ms. Hedrick directs the Richter consulting team, including services provided to clients who are users of PointClickCare® software. She is also the lead member of the Richter Audit team which provides training, consulting and internal billing compliance audits related to  the various federal billing compliance audit programs and initiatives.

Maureen is a frequent and top rated speaker to professional and trade associations across the country.  She is also a regular contributor to the Richter Sharesource Resource page offering blogs, articles and downloads on the most current topics in the LTPAC industry.

Lauren Gurcze

Lauren Gurcze, Senior Revenue Cycle Management Performance Analyst

Ms. Gurcze has over twenty years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management for long-term care providers nationwide. Her role has transitioned from executive oversight of all client teams and their processes to responsibility for developing the processes and analytics that support all of our team efforts on behalf of clients.

Yolanda Riley

Yolanda Riley, Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Ms. Riley joined the firm in 2015 to assume a new role to become the key Richter contact for our clients. She works with our teams to support communication of our efforts via A/R reviews, team meetings, updates to clients, monthly reports, etc. She is approachable, supportive, and vested in our client relationships. Yolanda is pursuing a degree in accounting from Cleveland State University. She has a long tenure in healthcare, and has served in a leadership role for acute, post-acute providers, and insurance carriers nationwide. Yolanda is the primary contact for the client communication and will customize that communication to the style which best meets the needs of an organization.

Reba Allison-Mahanera

Reba Allison-Mahanera, Director of Human Resources

Reba Allison-Mahanera is the Director of Human Resources for Richter Healthcare Consultants.  She brings over twenty years of leadership experience in Human Resources and Operations for LTPAC and home health care providers.  Ms. Allison-Mahanera is responsible for recruitment, engagement and leadership development for all divisions and departments of Richter Healthcare Consultants.

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